Poulan Pro riding mowers are backed by a 2-year limited warranty so you can feel confident behind your lawn investment. Plus, models with a reinforced deck featured a 10 year limited warranty on the deck and last but not least, mowers that feature a fast automatic transmission benefit from a 10 year limited warranty on the transmission belt. Now, that's peace of mind for a beautiful yard for years to come. This thing feels like it'll turn degrees in a phone booth!

The steering is tight and the ride is comfortable. Choose a category below to view the various replacement parts and optional accessories available for these products. Cookies help us deliver a better experience. By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. This website, like most websites, works best when allowed to use cookies. Got it. Change language Service Locator Contact us. Enjoy The Ride. Jump to products. Riding Mowers. Home Products Riding Mowers.

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How to replace a riding lawn mower blade

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Buy now Buy now. Lever operated Automatic. Pedal operated Automatic. Compare Products. Related Items Choose a category below to view the various replacement parts and optional accessories available for these products. Tractor Belts. Tractor Blades. Tractor Accessories. Show more items Show less items. Tractor Ignition Key. Copyright - Husqvarna AB publ. All rights reserved.Poulan riding mowers, such as the POLT, are designed for homeowners with medium to larger sized lawns.

How to Adjust the Height on a Poulan Riding Mower

Operating Poulan riding mowers involves adjusting the blade height for a proper cut. The blades are housed in the cutting deck, thereby requiring that the entire deck be adjusted to obtain the desired blade cutting height.

An easy-to-use control on the Poulan mower allows users to easily choose a blade height and set the deck and blades in one operation. Park the Poulan riding mower on a flat level surface, such as a driveway or a flat area of the lawn. Stop the mower and set the parking brake. Locate the cutting deck lift lever on the right side of the mower. Grasp the lever and press down on the button on top with your thumb.

Pull the lever back toward you to raise the height and push forward to lower the height. Refer to the height adjustment indicator at the base of the lever for height settings. Keith Dooley has done work in the field of landscaping and design for more than 10 years. He has implemented his own designs, as well as pulled from techniques learned through studies, creating many landscapes for others to enjoy. He has also maintained lawns, athletic fields, town parks, large gardens and game fields.

By Keith Dooley. About the Author.Poulan makes a series of large riding lawn mowers for cutting grass. Attaching the engine to the mower deck is a belt. The belt uses power from the engine to turn the blades in the mower deck. When the mower belts are loose, you may wish to tighten them.

Poulan recommends that you do not tighten the mower belts, but replace them instead. Loose belts may cause unnecessary wear on the engine and damage to the mower deck.

Roll the Poulan riding mower onto a flat surface. Set the parking brake to prevent the mower from rolling. Lift the cover for the engine and remove the spark plug, using a socket wrench.

This prevents the engine from starting while you are working on the unit. Push in on the pulley on the deck belt and pull out on the belt. Pay attention to the orientation of the belt so that you can place the new belt in the same position. Wrap the new belt around the clutch pulley underneath the engine. Starting on the right side, feed the belt through the pulleys on the deck belt until tight. Cleveland Van Cecil is a freelancer writer specializing in technology.

He has been a freelance writer since and has published extensively online, writing articles on subjects as diverse as boat motors and hydroponic gardening. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Things You'll Need Socket wrench Replacement belt. Step 1.

Step 2. Step 3.One of the most important components of a lawn tractor is sharp, properly installed cutting blades. Dull blades leave grass looking ragged and unhealthy because grass takes longer to heal from blunt cuts and tears than from clean cuts.

how to change blades on poulan pro riding mower

If your Poulan, inch lawn tractor doesn't cut grass as well as it used to, then it may need new blades. Poulan recommends checking or replacing the blades after every 25 hours of lawn tractor use and replacing bent or damaged blades.

Also, grass or leaves in the machine's mandrel may prevent the blades from spinning, and clipped grass may discharge poorly due to clogged vents around the mandrel. Resolving each issue requires removing the blades. The removal procedure isn't complicated, but follow all safety precautions to avoid injury. Park the Poulan lawn tractor on a flat, safe work area. Activate its parking brake, and put the gearshift lever in the neutral, "N," position.

Set the attachment clutch to the "Disengage" position.

How to Troubleshoot a Poulan Pro Lawn Mower

Turn the key to the "Stop" position, and remove it from the ignition. Put on a pair of thick, sturdy gloves. Lift the engine cover, and locate the black spark plug wire lead at the front left side of the engine. Sit on the lawn tractor's seat, and pull the attachment lift lever backward to raise the mower deck to its highest position. Lay or crouch onto the ground to access the mower blades. Locate the bolt and washer that hold the blades in place. Remove the bolt with an adjustable wrench, turning the bolt counterclockwise.

Set the bolt and washer aside, and remove the blades from the mandrel assembly. The mandrel assembly is square and has a star-shaped cutout in its center. Reinstall the current blades or install new blades by reversing the order of the procedure you used to remove the current blades. Ensure the star cut-out in the blades aligns with the star on the mandrel assembly.

Shelley Marie has been writing professionally since for online marketing and informational websites. Her areas of expertise include home, garden and health. She holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration and an associate degree in medical billing and insurance coding, both from Herzing University. By Shelley Marie. Things Needed. About the Author.Poulan Pro has been manufacturing yard equipment since The manufacturer specializes in both two-cycle and four-cycle engines.

The four-cycle engine in the Poulan Pro lawn mower offers power and durability. However, there may come a time when something does not work properly and you need to troubleshoot.

Some problems have easy solutions you can take care of yourself. Other problems involve more in-depth fixes that might require a professional for repair unless you understand small engines intricately.


Check the Poulan Pro lawn mower's fuel level if the mower fails to start. If the lawn mower still does not start after you've ensured it has plenty of fresh fuel, check the spark plug, fuel filter and air filter. Replace these items if they appear damaged or dirty.

how to change blades on poulan pro riding mower

If these parts appear clean and you suspect a flooded engine, wait several minutes before trying to start the lawn mower again. Listen to how hard the engine works to start. If it seems like the engine has a hard time starting, check the air filter and the spark plug. Replace these parts if they seem damaged or dirty. Replace the lawn mower's battery if it has been used for more than four seasons.

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If the lawn mower has not run for three to four weeks, drain the old fuel out of the fuel tank and refill it with fresh fuel. Push the brake pedal down as far as it will go and try to start the Poulan Pro lawn mower. If the engine sounds like it wants to start but fails to turn over, check the attachment clutch.

how to change blades on poulan pro riding mower

Disengage the attachment clutch and try to start the mower again. Check all the wiring leading to the battery and the spark plug. Push the wires tightly onto the terminals and replace any damaged wiring. Replace the battery if the engine makes a clicking noise when you try to start it.

Ensure that the wires are attached to the battery terminals. Push them on if they seem loose. If the terminals appear dirty, rub them with a wire brush to clean them.

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Raise the cutting height and slow down the lawn mower if the mower loses power while you cut tall grass. If this does not help, make sure the throttle is not choked. Remove the mower housing from underneath the Poulan Pro lawn mower and clean off all the dirt and leaves. Remove the mower housing and check the blade if your Poulan Pro riding lawn mower begins to vibrate. If the blade appears damaged, replace it. Sharpen a dull blade with a metal file. Tighten the blade bolt to a torque of 30 to 35 feet per pound with a torque wrench.

Level the mower deck if the Poulan Pro cuts grass unevenly. A damaged or dull cutting blade, or low tire pressure, can also be the culprit for an uneven cut.A dull or bent mower blade tatters grass tips rather than making a clean cut, leaving the lawn looking dull. And a bent blade creates vibrations that can damage the mandrel assembly.

Remove the front lift link support retaining pin and washer and then detach the support from the deck. Remove the left suspension arm retaining clip and washer and then detach the arm from the tractor frame. Remove the left rear deck bracket retaining clip and washer and then release the bracket from the deck. Repeat the process on the other side of the deck to disconnect the right suspension arm and right rear deck bracket.

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With the correct side of the blade facing up, attach the blade to the blade shaft and hand tighten the blade bolt. Check the blade belt routing on the mower deck and adjust the blade belt if needed to route the belt over all pulleys and through all belt keepers. If the engine is hard to start or if the spark plug electrode is burnt or cracked, take 15 minutes to replace it.

If the engine of your lawn tractor surges or is hard to start, the carburetor could be the problem. Follow these steps to install a new one. Use the advice and tips in these articles and videos to get the most out of your riding mower or lawn tractor. January 1, Quick links.

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Replacing a blade on a riding lawn mower. Disconnect the spark plug. Park the tractor on a level surface and set the parking brake. Turn the ignition switch off and remove the key. Wear work gloves to protect your hands. Lift the tractor hood and disconnect the spark plug wire.The Poulan inch lawn tractor uses a pulley system with a mower deck belt to drive the cutting blades or other attachments.

With regular use, the belt can become frayed or break, resulting in poor cutting or complete failure of the blades to spin. Replacing the mower deck belt doesn't require any tools, but it's a complex process that requires safety precautions to prevent injuries or damage to the mower system.

how to change blades on poulan pro riding mower

Adjust the attachment clutch to the "Disengaged" position to stop the mower blades. Press the brake pedal fully and move the gearshift to "Neutral. Turn the ignition key to the "Stop" position and remove it. Lift the hood and disconnect the spark plug wire on the engine to prevent it from accidentally starting. Remove the belt from the idler pulley on the mower deck. Work from the right side of the mower for easier access. Locate and remove the clutch spring and small retainer spring near the center of the mower deck.

Remove these from the pulley bolt. Locate the bracket that holds the anti-sway bar in place at the rear side of the mower deck. Remove the larger retainer spring and slide off the collar.

Push the housing guide out of the bracket and remove it. Remove the retainer spring from the other side of the anti-sway bar to disconnect it. Remove the anti-sway bar. Locate the retainer springs that hold the suspension arms in place on the front side of the mower deck. Remove these springs to disconnect the suspension arms. Remove the retainer springs from the front links at the front of the mower deck to disconnect them. Install the new mower belt onto the pulley system in the same way it was removed.

Ensure that the belt rests in the grooves and guides on the pulleys. Shelley Marie has been writing professionally since for online marketing and informational websites. Her areas of expertise include home, garden and health. She holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration and an associate degree in medical billing and insurance coding, both from Herzing University.

By Shelley Marie. Things Needed. Photo Credits. About the Author.