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Kohler Lawn Mower Engine Review

Read the timely article from Turf addressing this question. Messages: I'm looking at a Gravely pro turn Z and the engine has the Gravely badge on it, which I have never seen before on the engines. The engine is cc, and Who is the manufacturer of this engine and and does anyone have any opinions of it? Treflan canFeb 25, Messages: 13, Walker56Feb 25, It is made by Loncin.

They also manufacture the exmark engine. Last edited: Mar 1, Treflan canFeb 28, ARN GreencareMar 1, It is funny though that I called 3 different Gravely stores, regarding the make of this engine, and received 3 different answers from the sales staff.

He did not know or would not say the maker of this engine, but did say this engine was easier to order parts for because it is within the Gravely parts list as opposed to other engine brands, for what that's worth. He did say this is the 1st year out for this engine. Any feedback would be most appreciated. Treflan canMar 1, Anymore thoughts on the loncin engine for the gravely z? I would automatically not buy it because of the Chinese engine. I don't care how good it is. We are seeing more and more of this The Chinese engine may be OK, or it may not be.

Either way, the manufacturers are doing this to make more profit. I'd much rather support proven engine makes such as Kawasaki, Kohler, or even Briggs. China is not our friend Marshall's Yard Service likes this. Making engines for BMW motorcycles is a stretch. If you only knew how much they covet those motors. Can you still get a diesel laser Z with the kubota engine? JaekayDesignApr 1, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?Kohler, an American company known for sinks and bathtub fixtures, produces a number of push lawn mower engines. These engines are designed for residential use and have a variety of features that make them easy to operate and maintain. The engines feature technology that provides even power levels, consistent starts, and reduced fuel use. Some of the engines, such as those in the XTX serieswill never need an oil change.

Photo by Pixabay licensed under CC0. Not every type of lawn mower needs an engine. But gas-powered and electric mowers do. While you are able to get a manually powered mower to move and cut the grass just by pushing it, if you want a gas-powered or electric mower to do the same, you need to have a functioning engine.

As Consumer Reports notes, lawn mower engines typically come in either one of two styles. Side valve engines are usually the lower priced option while overhead valve engines typically command a higher price tag. That higher price tag translates to a more efficient operation, with less noise and less wear and tear on the engine. Overhead valve engines are becoming more and more popular and their price is beginning to fall.

While you once would only find an overhead valve engine on a high-end, deluxe mower, today you might find one on a relatively inexpensive machine. Whatever type of engine your mower uses, you need to care for and maintain it.

Over time, sediment and carbon deposits can build up in the engine, making it start sluggishly. The build-up can clog the engine and interfere with its operation.

Back in the day, the main feature a homeowner might have looked for in a gas-powered lawn mower engine was power. For example, in subdivisions and neighborhoods across the country, noise can be a major issue. One of the benefits of an engine with overhead valves is that it usually operates more quietly than a side valve engine. Gas-powered lawn mower engines typically have parts such as spark plugs and air filters to help the engine start and keep it running smoothly.

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The spark plug is what gives the cylinders in the engine their initial jolt of power to get the machine going. The better the spark plug, the better the engine will start. Some engines have special technology that ensures that they are able to provide a consistent level of power. A good engine will maintain the same general level of power through the task of mowing a lawn.

But if you have a higher end mower, replacing a worn out or damage engine with a new one can be the more cost effective option. It can also make sense to buy a completely new engine rather than try to repair a broken one. Some lawn mower maintenance and repair tasks are relatively simple, such as swapping out the air filter or clearing a clogged carburetor.

Damage that calls for a new engine entirely usually includes broken pistons or rods or a busted crankshaft. Kohler, the same company that is known for sink and bathtub fixtures, also produces a number of lawn mower engines.

Toro Super Recycler with Toro engine review

The company makes a number of engines for both commercial and residential use.Buying Advice. Pro Talk. Photos New media New comments Search media.

Gravely branded engine on proturn-z

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Unread Posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Toro Engines? Who is making them?

loncin engine review

Thread starter Start date Aug 8, Joined Sep 5, Threads 48 Messages 2, See some new Toro Z mowers using a Toro branded engine. Anyone know how is making these for Toro?

Homer1 Well-Known Member. Joined Jul 25, Threads 19 Messages I tried to get this information searching everywhere a few weeks ago, and all I esbatlished is that they are a Chinese model copy of an unknown engine. Read some stuff about some of the carb's on certain Toro equipment with the Toro branded engine having some leaks. Exmark is also using the same engine on some of their stuff, just called Exmark instead of Toro. If it were me, especially being that they are so new, I'd opt for a proven brand and see how these work out 5 years from now.

Rivets Lawn Pro. Joined Mar 11, Threads 42 Messages 9,Buying Advice. Pro Talk. Photos New media New comments Search media. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

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Today's Posts. Unread Posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter dsloss1 Start date Mar 11, Prev 1 2 3 Next. First Prev 2 of 3 Go to page. Joined Jan 11, Threads 7 Messages 1, The toro engine is just a chinese manufactured engine but branded toro. I think its made in the loncin factory which sells to a lot of OEMs. It even comes with ready start do no choke or primer required. Starts and runs well bit its not a briggs!!!

Rivets Lawn Pro.

Is loncin a good make of engine?

Joined Mar 11, Threads 42 Messages 9, To clear up a couple of things. Toro does not make an engine. The engine that is on the morers is a Chinese built to Toro specs engine. Differences are it has a castbiron sleeve, bearings not bushings on the crank, quieter exhaust, better cooling than previous models.Log in or Sign up. MIG Welding Forum. AmrcrFeb 26, Amrcr Member Messages: Scotland.

Hi I was wondering if anyone on here has any experience of these cheap Honda clones. I know they will definitely not be of anywhere near the same standard. I wouldnt be using massive amounts. I am going to put oil pump on it for a log Splitter. I dont really think it warrents buying a Honda though. StingrayFeb 26, I have owned the Washer for about five years and never had any trouble, it starts about the second or third pull even after being laid up for six months!

If I was using it week in week out I would probably have went for a Honda but as I only use 3 or 4 times a year I went for the cheaper option.

Amrcr likes this. Cheers Aye. I think it''s really parts availability that it comes down to in the event of something going wrong. Messages: 1, Romney Marsh, Kent. Messages: 4, Location: moscow on thames.

Tb joshua messages

I have re engined a few things with Loncin where a Honda came outno issues at all. Bob Re engined the whacker plate with a Loncin. These guys sell both, if you are building a log splitter I would get a two stage Hi-Lo pump, they pump faster when there is no load and then switch once there is load which makes them ideal for log splitters as it speeds up the cycle time.

Stingray likes this. AmrcrFeb 27, Thanks everyone. I have been looking at the flow fit stuff.McDonalds knows eaxctly how much ketchup csts and how much to put on each burger saving a ton of money every year. American manufacturing went south a while back. China cuts corners whereever and whenever they can. This sadly is true across the board in manufacturing in the US as well as other countries. Maybe someday Loncin will be up there but right now it's up and coming and still doesn't have a long enough track record.

Loncin: who's best? I'm just concerned about quality over time with these companies. It's good to know that some of them are doing a good job. Now the words "planned obsolescence" are more the norm. Hence Borat's comment.

I worked in the purchasing department of a very large multinational for 25 years so I know what the word Quality means to them, and it's not the same thing it means to most of us. For them, the term "quality" means you build it to customer specs, no more and less if you can get away with it, and that goes for any big corporation anywhere.

I once had a VP tell me that our shareholders were the most important thing to our company!!! Don't blame the Chinese, their shareholders only want their piece of the pie! I don't know about all of the chinese engines but the older greyhound engines sold by harbor freight were direct knoffoffs of the Honda GX series and honda parts will interchange. Thanks for sharing your view. I do not blame the Chinese, it is the American corporations that outsource to China and ask for low quality products.

Corporations some like to call as 'people' Let it snow! Another thing I want to add is that back in the late 70's the North America auto industry did some serious cost cutting to improve the bottom line. This message was modified Dec 20, by borat.

This message was modified Jan 3, by aa I'm surprised there aren't more countries hating the Western world for the lifestyle, glut, and appetite. This message was modified Jan 3, by borat. All rights reserved. Site by Take Search For:. LCT vs. Replies: 22 - 31 of Re: LCT vs.

Location: Saskatchewan Joined: Dec 13, Points: When you're shopping for a mower, a number of considerations may go through your mind.

Will it be easier to start than the last one? Will it last longer? To determine a mower's long-term odds, take a close look at the engine. Of two common designs, one type runs cleaner and quieter and is easier to maintain.

And the cost of these so-called premium engines has been trickling down to lower-priced mowers. Engines for mowers and snow blowers have two basic designs: side-valve and overhead-valve.

Of the two, overhead-valve engines traditionally cost more and not long ago could be found only on feature-heavy, self-propelled mowers at the high end of the price range.

Today, almost all snow blowers have overhead-valve engines.

loncin engine review

Any mower you buy, even with a side-valve engine, will start easily when you first gas it up. As it ages, however, models with overhead-valve engines are less likely to give you trouble.

Because overhead-valve engines have a more efficient design cleaner for the environmentthey use less gas and leave fewer carbon deposits, which can wear down any engine over time. They also tend to run more quietly. To find one, look for the letters "OHV" on the valve cover, as shown on the Toro On Honda mowers, it might have "OHC," for overhead cam, instead but the difference is minimal.

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loncin engine review

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