Stratum is a extremely high quality Resourcepack for Minecraft, with a focus on realism and shader support. This means that when paired with shaderpacks like Continuum 2. POM Support. POM is a graphical effect that simulates 3D details in textures by utilizing depth information stored in their height map.

This greatly enhances the overall look of the textures and the overall realism. POM creates details such as the raised stones in the cobblestone blocks surface, to the gaps between boards in the wooden plank textures and more.

Minecraft Cinematic – Stratum 2048x - Continuum V2.0.1 - 4K 60FPS

Check out these screenshots for examples of POM in action. Normal And Specular Maps. Stratum also includes high quality normal and specular maps. The specular maps are used to define the amount of reflectivity different textures have. This feature is what gives some textures the ability to reflect a lot of light, and others a duller look with very little reflectivity.

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Interested in getting your hands on Stratum? Stratum Resourcepack Early Access is a one time purchase that grants you lifetime access to a given selection of resolutions of Stratum, and all their updates. For the highest end machines. Be sure to check out the System Requirements page before purchase. It is fully up to date with the paid, higher resolution options. It can also be used to sample what blocks are currently textured as well.

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Stratum Downloads. The Stratum Resourcepack. PBR Textures. Available packages are as follows:. Tier 1 Just the x Version of the Stratum Resourcepack. Better for lower end machines. Tier 2 The x and x versions of the Stratum Resourcepack. Try Stratum for free.Mainly Realism HD resource pack is an incredible option for players looking to give minecraft a realistic and immersive look beyond what anyone thought possible. It turns minecraft into such a beautiful and unique experience that it will leave you….

The main highlights of SapixCraft resource pack are without a doubts its beautifully designed high-quality textures. Currently pack does support only two resolutions: x and 32x. If you have a pretty strong PC we recommend you to download x version…. One of the best resource packs that one can find for the newer versions of Minecraft is ModernArch Realism. Sometimes, one can be unimpressed after downloading one of the countless free resource packs. ModernArch resource pack, on the other hand,….

While there are many resource packs available on Minecraft to change the look of your game, few have the visual impact than Luna Falls resource pack does. The textures are just a complete overhaul of how every aspect of Minecraft…. Minecraft is a popular game for many players of all ages.

One of the things that makes games successful is the accompanying resource packs, regardless of when they were developed. About four months ago, the Faraway Realism resource pack was…. Have you ever come across a Minecraft sky that provides visuals that are extraordinary in nature?

This resource pack is the real deal. It makes your game lively with distinct and bright visuals that are kinetic and appealing to the…. Many people spend a lot of hours in Minecraft without ever realizing that there is more to the graphical potential of the game. Resource packs are a great way to improve the graphical quality of the game without changing the…. It has lots of downloads everyday leading it to be one of the most downloaded at the moment.

All the possible resolutions are available…. Do you know that the standard for creating resource packs for many designers is BDCraft resource pack? Who even thought of…. The Fancy resource pack is one that has been around for a considerable amount.

The Fancy resource pack caused an improvement in all graphics, raising everything to a previously unheard level with its top notch textures.We hope you enjoy using it. We don't want to run ads or infect you with crypto miners. We depend on users like you to keep the site running, and to preserve years and terabytes of amazing content—some of which is no longer available from its original creators! Because of the nature of the site, many users are reluctant to donate. That's OK!

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Pulchra Revisited Resource Pack 1.12.2/1.11.2

I also experimented a lot with interior builds - I hope I can inspire some of you to build similar stuff. Basically this is the "Release 15" but the file does no longer contain all the previous ones as I mentioned in my last post. This is the reason I do not want to create one single huge pack that becomes laggier with each update. As I said hundreds times before: I do not create a regular "Resource-Pack".

Whats new?Uploaded by Unknown on May 17, This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Minecraft Cinematic — Stratum x Continuum V2. It appears your browser does not have it turned on. Please see your browser settings for this feature.

stratum texture pack 2048x

EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Video created by Past Life Pro. Rights to the gameplay footage belongs to Mojang. Such textures. Much graphics. Many wow. Was an honor to have this resourcepack as my introduction into the detailed world of x textures filmed in 4K 60FPS. How in the heck was I able to run this?? Praise be to the almighty system specs!

Have an awesome day everyone! Just taking the time to give props to the awesome people behind Continuum Graphics.

stratum texture pack 2048x

Considering the amount of detail in every bit of Continuum and Stratum, I can honestly say that these guys deserve all the praise! So hey, don't mind me while I promote their work. As an entry point into trying this pack, the x version of Stratum is completely free to download off the store.

If you're wondering about Continuum V2. There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write a review.Apr 13, Was an honor to have this resourcepack as my introduction into the detailed world of x Praise be to the almighty system specs!

Stratum Resourcepack System Requirements. These are usually estimates, due to the nature of Development, and MC itself, and are meant to Sup guys, i'm trying to load laacis2's resource packbut when i select it, it just puts it on defaults. My specs : i7 k 16gb hyperx ddr3 ram sapphrie radeon Stratum is a extremely high quality Resourcepack for Minecraft, with a focus on realism and shader support.

PBR Textures. The Stratum Resource Pack is fully Higher end systems can go with x, and the highest end systems of the future can use the full x pack In it's final form OptiFine will not be Never thought I would see such a high RAM count but ok ModernArch R is a resource pack that makes Minecraft realistic looking and Pulchra Revisited Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.

System Requirements. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar minecraft minecraft earth minecraft guide minecraft dungeons games. Stratum Resourcepack System Requirements Apr 13, Joined: May 8, Messages: 1 Likes Received: 1. Agree x 8 Like x 1 Optimistic x 1 List. Joined: Aug 12, Messages: 2 Likes Received: 0. Joined: Apr 9, Messages: 7 Likes Received: 0. Joined: Feb 24, Messages: 4 Likes Received: 1. Joined: May 21, Messages: 1 Likes Received: 1. Like x 1 List.

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stratum texture pack 2048x

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No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?This pack is meant to be used with KUDA shaders download them here Be warned that x is a very high!! Install stratum texture pack x realistic tp. Laacis2's Natural Resource Pack for Minecraft 1. Views count. D Stratum x in combination with the Continuum V2. Was an honor to have this resourcepack as my introduction into the detailed world of x textures filmed in.

Stratum 2048x

Everyone's computer has different hardware, so Pulchra Revisited can be installed in a wide range of resolutions, from x all the way to x D Stratum x in combination with the Continuum V2. Minecraft is definitely not known for having realistic graphics. With a x resolution resource pack and Ultra shaders. Forked from by Gabriele Cirulli. Here are the fonts having name similar to stratum Stratum, incorporated inis a collaborative alliance of physician-owned and health system-employed physician groups that have come together to leverage cost savings through aggregation.

2048x Resource Packs

The game for event planners! Combine tiles that are the same to create the next tile The game took the world by storm inand so to celebrate the end of the year we have created a.

Stratum x.

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Make your own games by uploading pictures. Keep going Try again. How to play: Use your arrow keys to move the tiles.

stratum texture pack 2048x

When two tiles with the same picture touch, they merge into one 2K resolution is a horizontal display resolution of approximately 2, pixels on a display device or content. Many wow. Learn More. Got it Join the numbers and get to the tile! This is the two-player version. We help our clients optimize the delivery and performance of their EAM software and. Proof of Process Technology helps companies and organizations to trust the millions of processes that connect our world Strata Spotlight.